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POWERAGE’NCY is the only mature modelling agency in Lithuania and the name of the agency itself conveys the message of an age that is powerful, rather than quiet or boring.

Our goal is to show that modelling has no limits within beauty standards and mature people too can create an attractive and interesting content.

POWERAGE’NCY models are active seniors that are full of energy, ideas and motivation, whose beauty is revealed not only in fashionable attire or make-up, but also their experience, wisdom, knowledge and that special charm, which makes them unique. We don’t worship youth – the success of advertising and various other projects does not depend on age. It depends on the ability to embody various roles and fulfil interesting ideas with the added value of unique and non-standard models.

Founder of the modelling agency

Laura Balčiūtė, founder of POWERAGE’NCY, has been working with various projects that get seniors involved into active public life for many years.

Laura is also the founder of the free 60+ magazine for seniors and a TV show host. Constant communication and acquaintances with active, interesting and enthusiastic seniors has shown that all stages of life can be very meaningful.

According to Laura, POWERAGE’NCY can help change the society’s attitude to
older people and their opportunities of discovering themselves in all kinds of


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